Public Loss Assessors

Public Loss Assessors

Loss Assessors and Loss AdjustersWhat’s the difference between a loss adjuster and loss assessors? Is it something you know? Then let us tell you some different facts about each of them.

When you buy a house or a car then you always get insurance, just in case an accident is to arise, but when you report the incident to your insurer they will recommend their own loss adjusters to assess the situation.

Most of the time, the public agree to let the insurance company’s loss adjusters deal with the incident, but here at Public Loss Assessors we don’t recommend that. As the loss adjuster will be working for the insurance company more often than not, they might not always give you the entitlement you deserve.

A loss assessor is someone who works on your side and will negotiate with the insurer to make sure you get the best possible entitlement.

Public Loss Assessors Ireland will always work for you, in your best interest and would help you get your claim in full, on a no win no fee basis.

Loss Adjusters and their role: if you have insurance on your property and your property is damaged in anyway, then your insurance company will send out their personal loss adjusters to inspect the damage and deal with the claim. One of their goals is to reduce the cost of your claim, so that the insurer doesn’t have to pay out as much money.

If you are looking for a professional loss assessor with years of experience than contact Public Loss Assessors or visit their website at

Public Loss Assessors work entirely on your behalf, this ensures that they can get the best possible entitlement fee for you and to speed up the claim so you can return back to everyday life as soon as possible.

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