Fire Restoration Company Recommended By Independent Loss Assessors

Fire Restoration Company Recommended By Independent Loss Assessors

My Property Requires Fire Restoration How Can Public Loss Assessors Help?

Public Loss Assessors can offer help and advice when choosing professional fire restoration contractors to repair your property. We can recommend expert builders who ensure that properties are restored precisely to their pre-accident states. The there recommended building contractors will manage the entire fire restoration process. They supports a range of event restorations such as fire/water damage and even theft.

Fire DamageThe Independant Contractors Network are Fire Restoration Experts

In the event of a fire, more than just fire damage can occur in a property. Smoke damage can also occur during a fire in the property and can spread to rooms unaffected by the fire. Also, additional damage that can occur resulting from fire is water damage.

When extinguishing a fire full pressure hose reels are used, these hoses are specifically for fires. While helping to extinguish the fire, the hoses can cause water damage to the property. Fire, smoke and water damage are all difficult to repair and if reinstated incorrectly problems may occur in the future. Our contractors are trained to ensure that this is not the case.

The extent of the fire and smoke damage to the property may not be detected by inexperienced builders. Fire Damage Restoration no matter how small or large will be carried out by our fire restoration experts. Fire damage is classified into two areas primary and secondary.

Primary & Secondary Damage

Primary damage is commonly fire damage as it is easy to spot burnt walls and items. Secondary damage is classified as the unseen damage such as water damage and electrical damage. While it is possible to spot water damage and electrical damage, to assess the level of these damages takes experience in the restoration field. PLA have previously used experienced contractors who will be extremely effective at spotting all primary and secondary damages in a property to ensure the full repair work is carried out.

Smoke and water damage resulting from the fire can be absorbed into the structure of the building. If a material absorbs a large amount of smoke or water the material will most likely need to be removed and replaced. This is to ensure the property is stable when fire reconstruction begins. This is all managed during the restoration works by the building contractors that Public Loss Assessors recommend.

If your property is severely damaged from fire, smoke or water damage, we will promptly setup building repair works. These fire restoration works will reconstruct your property back to its original state. These recommended builders communicate directly with your loss assessors and surveyors providing all evidence of communication keeping you fully updated at all times.

Fire Restoration

Fire restoration work depends on the fire itself, whether it was a small contained fire or an uncontrollable blaze. Small fires may only inflict minor structural damage while large fires can wreak havoc on support beams and walls throughout a home making it unstable. It is important to have an experienced fire restoration specialist, to ensure no accidents occur during repairs.


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