Cavity Wall Insulation – My Cavity Claim

Cavity Wall Insulation – My Cavity Claim

Did you know at the start of April 2013, 19.1 million homes in Great Britain alone had Cavity Wall Insulation installed?
Cavity Wall Insulation The problem that occurs with this is that the materials that some installers use don’t inhibit heat, and subsequently complications in the property’s arise because it hasn’t been installed adequately and in accordance with CIGA (Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency) guidelines.

Problems That Can Occur With Cavity Wall Insulation

As well as not keeping the heat in your home and having no effect on preventing the cold entering  your property, cavity insulation can also causes damp. This is because in the winter the rain will permeate through if the insulation installer hasn’t used the correct material and isn’t installed in the correct way.

When this happens, it can cause wet patches on inside walls and lead to mould, which causes a black sheet of bacteria. It can also lead to defects on the exterior wall. The home should be inspected and If it isn’t eligible for cavity  insulation then it simply shouldn’t receive it. If you have been unfortunate enough to of been effected by poorly fitted Wall Insulation and the problems that go with it then a reccomended company to help your cause is

Additional problem that can be triggered by incorrectly fitted cavity wall insulation is wall tie corrosion. When cavity wall insulation is installed, wall ties will be needed in order to keep the cavity wall insulation together. Whatever material the wall ties are made of, they will corrode eventually and if the cavity wall insulation has been wrongly fitted, they will corrode at a much quicker rate as they will be constantly damp. Replacement wall ties can also prove very difficult to fit, which is why more often then not you need professional help.

Cavity Wall Help

There are millions of homes in Great Britain that have wall insulation installed without damp, mould or wall tie corrosion. In some other cases, homeowners can receive pay-outs of up to £50,000. If you have been affected by wrongly fitted cavity insulation or have any general enquiry about cavity wall insulation, then you should feel free to call My Cavity Claim. Find out your deserved entitlement today and don’t settle for less.

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