Fire Restoration Company – Independent Contractors Network

Fire Restoration Company – Independent Contractors Network

My Property Requires Fire Restoration How Can ICN Help?

The Independent Contractors Network (ICN) offers Professional Fire Restoration. We ensure that properties are restored precisely to their pre-accident states. The Independent Contractors Network will manage the entire fire restoration process. The Independent Contractors Network supports a range of event restorations such as fire/water damage and even theft.

Fire DamageThe Independant Contractors Network are Fire Restoration Experts

In the event of a fire, more than just fire damage can occur in a property. Smoke damage can also occur during a fire in the property and can spread to rooms unaffected by the fire. Also, additional damage that can occur resulting from fire is water damage.

When extinguishing a fire full pressure hose reels are used, these hoses are specifically for fires. While helping to extinguish the fire, the hoses can cause water damage to the property. Fire, smoke and water damage are all difficult to repair and if reinstated incorrectly problems may occur in the future. Our contractors are trained to ensure that this is not the case.

The extent of the fire and smoke damage to the property may not be detected by inexperienced builders. Fire Restoration no matter how small or large will be carried out by our fire restoration experts. Fire damage is classified into two areas primary and secondary.

Primary & Secondary Damage

Primary damage is commonly fire damage as it is easy to spot burnt walls and items. Secondary damage is classified as the unseen damage such as water damage and electrical damage. While it is possible to spot water damage and electrical damage, to assess the level of these damages takes experience in the restoration field. ICN has experienced contractors who will be extremely effective at spotting all primary and secondary damages in a property to ensure the full repair work is carried out.

Smoke and water damage resulting from the fire can be absorbed into the structure of the building. If a material absorbs a large amount of smoke or water the material will most likely need to be removed and replaced. This is to ensure the property is stable when fire reconstruction begins. This is all managed during the restoration works by the Independent Contractors Network.

If your property is severely damaged from fire, smoke or water damage, we will promptly setup building repair works. These fire restoration works will reconstruct your property back to its original state. ICN communicate directly with your loss adjusters and surveyors providing all evidence of communication keeping you fully updated at all times.

Fire Restoration

Fire restoration work depends on the fire itself, whether it was a small contained fire or an uncontrollable blaze. Small fires may only inflict minor structural damage while large fires can wreak havoc on support beams and walls throughout a home making it unstable. It is important to have an experienced fire restoration specialist, to ensure no accidents occur during repairs.

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The Independent Contractor Network offers a 24-hour contact point to talk to about any restoration work required or a free repair quote.… Continue Reading

Latent Defects

Latent Defects

Latent defects are ultimately deficiencies in the construction or planning of a building. The defects aren’t detectable to the untrained eye until many years after the building is first constructed. If they are noticed within two years of the construction then the contractor may be obliged to restore any damage and fix any defects. The main causes of these defects are design flaws, poor preparation in design and construction, poor workmanship and incorrect materials. If these defects are left long enough and if the problems worsen, it can leave your home being unsafe to live in.

When the first signs of latent defects show, the faster the claim submission the better. When you claim through your insurer, which can be a long and problematic procedure, your appointing a loss adjuster that isn’t working on your behalf. The loss adjuster that the insurer sends is working on behalf of the insurer and the insurer only, fighting for the insurers cause and not yours. By appointing Property Defects to handle your claim, you will receive a visit to survey, if the damage is a result of insured liability, property defects will arrange for one of their preferred surveyors to inspect your property further.  A claim to your insurer will then be submitted. Our experts will fight your cause tirelessly till you receive the settlement you deserve.

Property Defects work on a no-win-no-fee basis, so no matter what, until you receive a settlement you’re satisfied with with we won’t charge you a penny. If you have noticed any signs of subsidence; may it be; cracking in interior walls, cracking in exterior walls, sticking of doors, damp or any other of the many signs of latent defects, your property may be compromised. To find out more, visit Reading

Public Loss Assessors Ireland

Public Loss Assessors Ireland

What’s the difference between a loss adjuster and loss assessors? Is it something you know? Then let us tell you some different facts about each of them.

When you buy a house or a car then you always get insurance, just in case an accident is to arise, but when you report the incident to your insurer they will recommend their own loPublic Loss Assessors Irelandss adjusters to assess the situation.

Most of the time, the public agree to let the insurance company’s loss adjusters deal with the incident, but here at Public Loss Assessors we don’t recommend that. As the loss adjuster will be working for the insurance company more often than not, they might not always give you the entitlement you deserve.

A loss assessor is someone who works on your side and will negotiate with the insurer to make sure you get the best possible entitlement.

Public Loss Assessors Ireland will always work for you, in your best interest and would help you get your claim in full, on a no win no fee basis.

Loss Adjusters and their role: if you have insurance on your property and your property is damaged in anyway, then your insurance company will send out their personal loss adjusters to inspect the damage and deal with the claim. One of their goals is to reduce the cost of your claim, so that the insurer doesn’t have to pay out as much money.

If you are looking for a professional loss assessor with years of experience than contact Public Loss Assessors Ireland or visit their website at

Public Loss Assessors work entirely on your behalf, this ensures that they can get the best possible entitlement fee for you and to speed up the claim so you can return back to everyday life as soon as possible.… Continue Reading

Cavity Wall Insulation – My Cavity Claim

Cavity Wall Insulation – My Cavity Claim

Did you know at the start of April 2013, 19.1 million homes in Great Britain alone had Cavity Wall Insulation installed?
Cavity Wall Insulation The problem that occurs with this is that the materials that some installers use don’t inhibit heat, and subsequently complications in the property’s arise because it hasn’t been installed adequately and in accordance with CIGA (Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency) guidelines.

Problems That Can Occur With Cavity Wall Insulation

As well as not keeping the heat in your home and having no effect on preventing the cold entering  your property, cavity insulation can also causes damp. This is because in the winter the rain will permeate through if the insulation installer hasn’t used the correct material and isn’t installed in the correct way.

When this happens, it can cause wet patches on inside walls and lead to mould, which causes a black sheet of bacteria. It can also lead to defects on the exterior wall. The home should be inspected and If it isn’t eligible for cavity  insulation then it simply shouldn’t receive it. If you have been unfortunate enough to of been effected by poorly fitted Wall Insulation and the problems that go with it then a reccomended company to help your cause is

Additional problem that can be triggered by incorrectly fitted cavity wall insulation is wall tie corrosion. When cavity wall insulation is installed, wall ties will be needed in order to keep the cavity wall insulation together. Whatever material the wall ties are made of, they will corrode eventually and if the cavity wall insulation has been wrongly fitted, they will corrode at a much quicker rate as they will be constantly damp. Replacement wall ties can also prove very difficult to fit, which is why more often then not you need professional help.

Cavity Wall Help

There are millions of homes in Great Britain that have wall insulation installed without damp, mould or wall tie corrosion. In some other cases, homeowners can receive pay-outs of up to £50,000. If you have been affected by wrongly fitted cavity insulation or have any general enquiry about cavity wall insulation, then you should feel free to call My Cavity Claim. Find out your deserved entitlement today and don’t settle for less.… Continue Reading

Loss Adjusters | Public Loss Adjusters

Loss Adjusters | Public Loss Adjusters

Public Loss Adjustersloss adjusters

Are you in need of a loss adjuster? At Public Loss Adjusters, we strive to be the best loss adjusters and to provide you with the best claims management in the industry. We are a respected CILA chartered firm and have over 30 years of experience when it comes to loss adjusting.

We also have two senior loss adjusters with 75 years of combined experience when it comes to loss adjusting and claims management. Unlike most loss adjusters, we do not work for the insurance company. We work directly for you, so when you hire us you can be sure that we have your best interests at heart and are not trying to save the insurance company money. Our main target is returning your property to its pre-loss state.

If you have any questions about Public Loss Adjusters visit our website at or do not hesitate to call our friendly team on 0800 434 999.

What Can Public Loss Adjusters Do For You?

We can cover you and provide you with insurance claims management. We cover various areas in the insurance industry. We cover numerous types of claims, as long as you are covered by your insurance on the area that was affected. We also can give you free loss adjusting and claims management, provided that you employ the contractor of our choice.

We also speak directly to your insurer for you, so you don’t have as much hassle on your plate through your terrible accident. With PLA speaking to your insurer directly, we ensure that you get the right settlement fee for your property’s damage. We fully record all of the damage that the accidents have inflicted.

It also ensures that the claim process is completed as quickly as possible and there is no delay in the claim process. Sometimes the policy holder and the insurer don’t always come to an agreement and the insurers delay the claim process dramatically – we will take measures to protect you from this course of action.… Continue Reading

What is Fire Restoration? | DriTech

What is Fire Restoration? | DriTech

When fire strikes, the aftermath can be devastating, and the fire restoration process can be very complex as not all damage may be noticed immediately by the naked eye. Whilst you will find the fire flames and intense heat cause the most obvious damage, remember the old saying ‘there is no smoke without fire’, taking this into consideration you now find yourself with smoke damage to your property. Remember that smoke is a silent killer and will find its way into almost every nook and cranny in your property and indeed the surrounding area. DriTech can also provide you with more information, why not have a look at their website:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there, soot damage which is caused when wood, coal or oil based substances are burned, releasing carbon particles into the air which eventually settle down, leaving a coat of very fine black dust, which can have a deadly outcome if inhaled. If any items are contaminated in such a manner, a fire restoration professional must assess any the damage and will advise if restoration is possible.


Water damage may also be a factor and will cause additional damage that will need urgent attention to avoid any further issues, such as mould which can grow in colonies within 48hrs. Water damage is often overlooked when you think of fire restoration, even though water is a key component to extinguishing fires.

Fire Restoration Services

DriTech are experts with a wealth of experience when it comes to fire restoration, and can offer you the reassurance that our team will complete a full assessment of all types of damage, and will work in conjunction with your insurer throughout the whole process. We are aware of the urgency when fires strike and will endeavour to be on site within 4 hours, and all of our work is insured and guaranteed. Contact DriTech today and let us take some of the strain, and stressful experiences that arise when disaster strikes.

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